Ordering Info

Badge Cases, Wallets and ID Products (Holsters, Belts and Accessories below)

Strong only sells through our dealer network and directly to Federal Government Agencies under our GSA Contract. If you want to know where your dealer is please email us.

When selecting and ordering your case or wallet, be sure to keep in mind:

  • the badge manufacturer, model number and width of badge.
  • the number and size of your ID’s including lamination.
  • the printed area of your ID.
  • the imprinting desired.

If a double ID or badge case doesn’t have a divider an optional one can be added by adding a “3” to the end of the model number. The divider prevents the window(s) from scratching and prolongs the use of your case.

Make sure that the case or wallet you choose is properly sized for both your badge and ID's.

Custom Cut Badge Shapes

We have a website to help you determine the proper cutout for your badge. Go to www.StrongBadgeCases.com. If you do not know the manufacturer and/or model number just fill in the following.

  • Pick the shape of your badge (Example: 6 point star with balls.)
  • Select the width and/or the height. Measure to the widest or tallest point. (Example: 2") It will   show you all the badges that meet your requirements and all that are 1/8" smaller/wider or shorter/taller than your selection. You will need to print your selection so you can select the proper cutout.

If you want us to determine your cutout just scan or fax us a tracing or photocopy. Please indicate the width and height of the badge.

Holsters, Belts and Accessories

For Your Safety

Strong holsters are designed to fit properly and work efficiently with specific modern, factory-equipped handguns. A holster should be used only with the gun specified for that holster. The use of trigger shoes,  grip adapters and other modifications could cause the handgun to fit improperly and/or discharge accidentally. Modified or customized guns should not be used in Strong holsters, nor should worn, damaged, or guns of inferior quality. Proper training by accredited instructors in the use and holstering of firearms should be received before the purchase or use of these products. Careless or negligent use of firearms may be dangerous and could result in death or injury, with or without our products.

The purchase and use of Strong products are done at the sole risk and responsibility of the purchaser. The manufacturer limits liability to the repair or replacement of its products if defective at the time of purchase. Each Strong product is inspected before shipment, but it should be inspected by the purchaser at the time of purchase and, for holsters, periodically thereafter. Snaps and fasteners should be inspected regularly to insure proper security of the handgun.

When first fitting and trying a new holster or practicing with your current holster, the handgun must always be unloaded. No holster is completely secure. The user must exercise proper gun retention techniques.


When ordering any Strong holster, belt or accessory, please provide the following information:

  1. Model number
  2. Color (black, tan* or cordovan*)
  3. Finish (plain, basketweave or high-gloss Clarino®)
  4. Hardware (nickel, brass, black or hidden snap)

When ordering holsters, please give the following additional information:

  1. Manufacturer of gun
  2. Model and caliber
  3. Barrel length
  4. Right or left hand
  5. Lined or unlined
  6. For S&W semiautos, type of trigger guard (square or round); if not stated, round guard will be assumed.

Note: Strong holsters will fit snug at first, then quickly break in for the best fit. A Strong holster should not be used for any gun other that the one for which it is specifically designed.


Check the barrel length of your gun before ordering. For revolvers, measure from the face of the cylinder to the end of the barrel. For autos or semiautos, measure from the back end of the breech to the end of the barrel.

For belts give your exact waist size. That size in our 24" wide belts is from the end of the buckle or hook to the middle hole; we then add an extra 2 inches of length (so a belt marked 36" will be equivalent to other 38" belts). Other Strong belts are measured from end of buckle or hook to middle hole.

Other Strong belts are measured from the end of the buckle or hook to the middle hole.

*Models A5045, A518, A611, B850, B860, H306, H308, H260 & H261 have no minimum quantity in tan.

All others please call.